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Friendship is the most special bond we humans share with each other. There is no expectations, no judgments and no tagging done to your friendship.


  1. Posted by SoulEarth211112, — Reply

    This is all I wanted from my “friends”, but so many times I wasn’t important enough for a reply, to come over, to text, or to give me the time of day. And they don’t see it whatsoever.

  2. Posted by rosgood3658, — Reply

    When my best friend that i found in 4th grade sent me this i cryed. Bestie you are the best. If you don't have a friend like this you will find one. 😍❤️❤️❤️💙

  3. Posted by kdijahaq, — Reply

    I have finally found my dear friend, who is always telling me this, if you dont have a friend like this, then trust me, the day will come when you find it :D!

  4. Posted by bksanjvi123, — Reply

    Hiya ! Ik I might sound irritating, but please, please follow me on instagram. @organicveganista I swear I upload good stuff on cooking and vegan food.

  5. Posted by SquidwardIsDaddy, — Reply

    Damn I wish I had a female best friend to talk about cute shit and my feelings bit I got Male best friends and they Express our friendship in paintings too but they paint us with guns trying to shoot eachother with superpowers and shit:) boys aren't that sentimental but their amazing and I should not complain cause they have my back

  6. Posted by unkitty1207, — Reply

    I’m 5”4” but it doesn’t matter it matters you love God and your friends and tell them u love them so the don’t forget my best friend it 4”9”

  7. Posted by boofy620, — Reply

    I only have one true friend and she’s my cousin i use to be popular then my old friends ruined it then I had a boyfriend who really loved me but my old friends ruined that to

  8. Posted by snowbabie7, — Reply

    All my “best friends” leave me after a year so for me this is not true. The only friend I have that has not left me is my friend Kat.

  9. Posted by ThatOneFanPerson, — Reply

    Dear best friend, thanks for being their for me, thanks for supporting me, thanks for helping me find out who I am, thanks for making sure I always love myself, thanks for helping me love every part if me, thanks for making me understand, thanks for improving my life, thank you, you truly are an amazing person

  10. Posted by Angelinasavacados, — Reply

    We went from I love you, to love you, to love ya. Went from I miss you, to miss you, to miss ya. Til nothing was said. And now we're strangers again.

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